RodStow Double Rod Holder - black

RodStow Double Rod Holder - black

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The RodStow rod holder system is a modular vertical above deck storage system holding your rods in preparation for your fishing experience.

The RodStow Single comes with 2 stainless steel screws and can be installed in minutes.

It features a removable gimbal pin that you can leave in to support the rod and stop rotation, or remove to let the rod pass through.

The vertical RodStow rod rack is suitable for most rods and reels, including spinning, trigger, boat and game reels, and any length of fishing rod.

RodStow is a modular system, and if you buy more you can add them together to make longer rod racks.

Offset mounting is another feature built into RodStow, giving you a solution for storing larger reels, without them hitting each other.

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